Summer diseases


When summer comes, the number of cases for certain diseases in our pet animals also come.

The infections for fleas and ticks increase in a great deal.

There is also an important increase of the skin problems like parasite infections, and allergies.

In addition to this, there is a noticeable rise in the cases of gastrointestinal diseases, especially those caused by parasite or infectious processes.

Otitis and the presence of strange vegetal bodies into the ear conducts or between the inter-digital spaces are assisted every day for these summer months.

Allergic reactions due to insect bites, ingestion of certain food or the contact to plants also increase.

Due to heat and humidity, the animals suffering from chronic cardio-respiratory diseases get usually worse, and sometimes the results are fatal. In this sense, it is very important for the owners of old, obese or cardio ill animals to bear in mind some rules as not to take the animal out in the central hours of the day, to reduce the amount of exercise, to have good quality water permanently at the animal’s reach, keep the animal in cool and well ventilated places, protected from the sun, and to go to the vet’s if symptoms are observed as soon as possible.

Also the number of emergencies increases, on one hand due to the great amount of animals in our town in this season, and on the other, due to summer environment conditions. So heat strokes, traumas, bites, wounds in the pads, pulmonary edema, anaphilaxy reactions, strange bodies in the digestive system, etc. are usually problems found.


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