When this season comes, we can realise with horror how our cats and dogs are full of not so beloved guests, called external parasites.

Their vital cycles and the risks of the infections by fleas and ticks have been already explained in some previous articles, so today we are only advising in order to avoid their presence on our pets.

In general, we have to bear in mind that some animals are more predisposed than others to be attacked by parasites. On the other hand, the atmosphere where they live in is very important, so the problem is bigger in animals living in rural environments that those living in cities.

Nowadays, we have a great number of excellent anti-parasites that act in different levels of the parasite’s cycle of life (eggs, larva and adult), as well as different presentations (sprays, shampoos, dust, tablets, collars or injections). Sometimes, we need some of these products combined in order to keep our pet free from bugs.

As a general recommendation, and I am not intending to favour any brand in particular, I would say that you must distrust in the anti-parasite collars that cost less than 10-12 euros. It is true that there are excellent anti-parasite collars between 14 and 20 euros, but if they are used as the only means of protection, they will work in dogs and cats living in a flat and going out just around urban places with little plants. If our pet, as the most of them here, lives in a house with garden and usually goes out to the countryside, it will also need protection from other anti-parasite agent. In this sense, vets usually recommend the anti-parasites collars together with some topic pipes that are applied once a month. Some of these pipes cannot be applied in cats due to their high toxicity, besides they are expensive, although effective, and their price is between 18 and 48 euros.

We must never forget the treatment of the environment, especially in those animals living in small places with land and plants where they never go out from. In this case, we need products to kill as the adult parasite as the larva.

On the other hand, we have to bear in mind that if our animal is allergic to fleas’ saliva (one of the most common allergies in pets) it is recommended to use some tablets that avoid their reproduction avoiding eggs’ break, as well as some adults products very specific for fleas’ control.

Parasites are not only disturbing animals due to itch and swelling, but they can transmit number of diseases to our cats and dogs, as we saw in some previous articles. Besides, depending on the animal, its habitat and particular features, specific products will be needed, and these can be only recommended by a professional. Consult your vet, since he/she will be the best person to advice you about this and other aspects concerning your pet.


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