Dog abandonment

When someone decides to adopt or buy a pet animal, this should be a meditated act and not a thoughtless impulse. Taking an animal in our life has some involvements that are not usually valued properly and take pets into bad conditions or to be abandoned.

None of these two options are tolerable. If you can’t have a dog due to the lack of space, time or other some motivations, the best thing for you is not to have it. In this same sense, there is the refusal of many people to sterilize their female cats and dogs still knowing they will be pregnant.

The final consequence is the animals abandonment. They are left alone in far places or tied to the vet clinic’s doors at night. This is not an isolated fact but a very usual one.

Abandoning an animal is the final consequence of an adoption done without thinking and shows very little education and none common sense. I can understand that someone can dispense with their pet due to certain personal circumstances. In this case, the right thing would be to find another owner.

I can’t understand those people who just leave puppies or dogs tied up to our door and run away without talking to us. Some people think vets have the duty to take the animals they don’t want. Vets have the duty to assist all the animals needing medical assistance for health reasons, but not to house all the animals which are abandoned by their owners.

If the services offered by vets, hostels and the Town-Hall were consulted previously and with enough time, animal abandonment could be avoided.

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